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Turn The Key Initiative will help up to 1,000 Philadelphia families buy new affordable homes and build equity for their futures. Income-qualified buyers may be eligible for mortgage “buy-down” assistance funds up to $75,000. Learn more about Turn The Key.

You can move through the process by becoming income-certified along with receiving your housing counseling certification and documented mortgage approval. Your information will be sent to developers based on the neighborhoods for which you have expressed interest. Developers will have a member of their sales team contact you directly to tour the various properties.
Yes, workforce housing works with the Turn the Key Initiative, Philly First, and lender first time homebuyer programs. Programs can be layered.
We can direct you to resources who can help you improve your credit so that you may qualify in the future.
Although workforce housing and affordable housing are sometimes used interchangeably, they are not actually the same. Affordable housing in the traditional sense refers to housing that’s affordable to low-income families, typically through government subsidies. Workforce housing is housing that’s affordable to the local workforce, and is aimed at middle-income households that earn too much to qualify for traditional affordable housing subsidies. The availability of workforce housing enables families and city employees to live in their preferred communities, resulting in shorter commute times and improved quality of life.
This program is for people who want to live and work in Philadelphia. These properties are intended for homeowner occupancy, and are not intended to be utilized as rental properties.

Income Guidelines (100% AMI)

Family Size Maximum Annual Household Income
1 $80,100
2 $91,550
3 $103,000
4 $114,400
5 $123,600
6 $141,900
7 $151,050
8 $160,200
More than 8 add per person $9,150
For a family size of one, a person can make a maximum of $73,780. If you exceed this amount, you no longer qualify. However, you can make less if you qualify for a mortgage.

• Homebuyers are expected to reside in the home for 15 years as an owner occupant.
• Home is not permitted to be a rental property or Airbnb.

If the first homebuyer resells the property before the 15-year compliance period, then they must come back to the Land Bank and a.

a. The Land Bank will calculate the resale price based on the recorded Declaration of Restrictive Covenants (DoRC); Also,

b. The second homebuyer must be income-qualified by the Land Bank before any sale can happen.

c. Second homebuyer must accept the 15-year resale restriction.

No, you cannot rent out the property while you are within the 15-year deed restriction period.
Yes, you may make exterior renovations such as painting or interior renovations such as changing the flooring.
You may refinance to lower the mortgage payment.
Homebuyer Provides: Each Employed Household Member Provides:
Copy of photo identification(s) Pay Stubs: Copies for most recent 2 months (to include year to date earnings)*
Webinar – Certificate of Completion Federal Income Tax IRS 1040 Returns: Executed copies of last two years with copies of W-2 forms
Verification of Employment (VOE)*

*Self-employed household members do not need to provide pay stubs or verification of employment

Each household member with non-employment income must provide documentation of non-employment income (if applicable)

Household members with accounts and/or assets must provide most recent bank and investment statements or statements of other assets (for past 3 months)

About Civetta Group

Civetta Property Group is a team of local real estate investors committed to community-focused development. With over 25 years of experience, we have proudly served more than 70 families. Our partnerships with local minority and women-owned businesses underline our commitment to inclusive growth. At Civetta, we are dedicated to creating homeownership opportunities that not only build wealth but also help communities thrive. We believe in the transformative power of property development and its ability to enhance lives within the community.